Debacle Path vol.1(書籍)

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Gray Window Pressが発行する雑訴の創刊号。

Information in English follows Japanese.
Debacle Path (ディバクル・パス) zine vol.1
A5版 並製 143ページ
日本語(※各記事の概要あり(英語)/Includes English abstracts of each article)

・大局を見極めろ!/マイク 小林(Power of Idea、Tribal War Asia, ABC Partisan Gig)
・パンクっていうのは自主独立/松原 弘一良(Mobsproof/F.F.T. label、Argue Damnation)
・世の中で起こっている悲惨な現実を肌身で感じたくて/松井 達浩(Result、無我)
・DIYは搾取される側の反逆の作法/植本 展弘(Voĉo Protesta)
・ナショナリズム批判と、パンク文化に於けるその諸相/黒杉 研而(Voĉo Protesta、ATF、Deformed Existence)


・絶対兵役拒否宣言 NEVER SAY DIE! ①「草木は人間をゆるすのか」/モブ・ノリオ
・Antisect小史 ――昔のAntisect, 今のAntisect/鈴木 智士
・春、夏、秋/デイヴ・ディクター(MDC、『MDC あるアメリカン・ハードコア・パンク史 ―ぶっ壊れた文明の回想録』より)
・ボブキャット・ゴールドスウェイトはパンク・コメディアン/鈴木 智士

■レビュー(音源, 書籍)
・assembrage/Swarrrm -Split /鈴木智士
・The Sperm - Shh! /久保 景(Deformed Existence)
・Okkyung Lee - Dahl-Tah-Ghi、ゆれつずける/Zombie Nonhuman - Split /Terroreye(Kaltbruching Acideath)

・正しさと悪の間で ―ラジスラフ・フクス『火葬人』/堀 エマソン
・Bikini Kill再結成とパンク・ノスタルジー/A.K. アコスタ

■Art: Allyson Mellberg-Taylor, Jeremy Seth Taylor

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Debacle Path zine vol.1
A5 (14.8cm x 21cm), 143pages
Japanese (includes English abstracts of each article)

-Special feature of the issue: Reviewing Political/Anarchist Hardcore Punk in Japan
-Four interviews with punks who were/are involved with the "political" hardcore punk scene, especially from 90's to 00's.

"Make Sure of the Whole Situation"/Mike Kobayashi (Power of Idea, Tribal War Asia, ABC Partisan Gig)
"Punk Is Independence"/Koichiro Matsubara (Mobsproof/F.F.T. label、Argue Damnation)
"To Feel Cruel Reality Happening in the Real World"/Tatsuhiro Matsui (Result, Muga)
"DIY Is a Rebellious Action by Those Who Are on the Side of the Exploited"/Nobuhiro Uemoto (aka noiz) (Voĉo Protesta)
Article: Criticizing Nationalism and its Various Aspects in Punk Culture /Kenji Kurosugi (Voĉo Protesta、ATF、Deformed Existence)

-From the Current World
[Italy] The Squatting Situation in Turin/Shiro
[Philippines] Stories behind the Autonomous Initiatives against War on Drugs/Chung Bandido

-Essays, Other Articles
Declaration of Ultimate Refusal of Military Service: Never Say Die!
(1) “Do plants forgive humans?” / Norio Mob
A short history of Antisect: Past Antisect, Current Antisect/ Satoshi Suzuki
Spring, Summer, Fall/Dave Dictor (Japanese translation from "MDC: Memoir from a Damaged Civilization" (Manic D Press)).
Bobcat Goldthwait Is a Punk Comedian/Satoshi Suzuki

assembrage/Swarrrm - Split 7”EP
The Sperm /Shh! LP
Okkyung Lee /Dahl-Tah-Ghi CD
Yuretsuzukeru / Zombie Nonhuman - Split Cass

The Cremator (Spalovač mrtvol) by Ladislav Fuks / Emmarson Hori
The Bikini Kill reunion and Punk Nostalgia / A.K. Acosta

Allyson Mellberg-Taylor, Jeremy Seth Taylor